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  • Is your website secure?
    Yes, The security of your personal information and payment details is of utmost importance to us. We use 128-bit encrypted SSL to help keep all your data safe.
  • How can I pay for tours selected?
    We always try to make our customers feel happy and confortable. therefore we offer several payment methods Visa or Mastercard Paypal International and safe way to shop online Or card swipe.
  • How much is the Panamanian Taxes %?
    Panamanian Tax is 7%. the Tours prices do not include tax.
  • Can I get money back if I want to cancel a tour?
    Yes, We can refund the 75% of your money, ONLY, if you booked a tour and advised us you can not show up 48 hours previous to your tour date. IF YOU DONT SHOW UP AND NEITHER ADVISED US, MONEY CAN NOT BE RETURN. Reimbursements are made by Pay Pal or Money gram only 14 business days after cancellation requested.
  • Do you offer tours, aid mobility for people in wheelchair?"
    Yes, You are very welcome to enjoy your tour and feel like HOme, with our VIP wheelchair movility aid staff assitance.
  • HOW MUCH % IS RETURN IF Nature Disasters, Pandemic status or Covid 19? "
    Indeed, We are never prepare for natural disasters or Pandemics situations, therefore, with covid 19, its been a big challenge to every business in the world to facilitate the money refunds to all their customers, PTYTRAVELS, is a new small business that works with other small companies to serve you the best way we can, in this case the agreement rules to refund your tours payments arragements before Covid 19, is the 50% of your money back. The same apply if any nature disaster will occur before your programmed tour take effect in Panama.
  • Does PTYTRAVELS staff uses Covid 19 PPE?
    YES, the new normal is here unfortunately, however, PTYTRAVELS staff will be protecting our customers and their self, all thru the Tour Journey. wearing their Personal Protective equipment: Mask, Gloves, keeping proper distance while showing around touristic areas.
  • Does Panamanian Goverment will be following the Internationals Rules and Regulations of Covid 19 in Airports, Restaurants, Hotels, & other Hospitality business?"
    Certainly, the Panamanian Goverment is working very hard with the Tourism Authority and the Ministry of Foreign Relations to comply 100% with all the International Rules and Regulations for the new normal during the Covid 19, Situation worldwide in order to keep working and developing the Global economy. You can feel very safe and like at Home.
  • what island tour you will recommend for first time visiting Panama?
    We recommend you visit San Blas island, The gem of Panama. you can visit several other nearest islands and have solo connection with the nature and the cristal water of the atlantic. this island is owned by our Native Indians. a pass day tour can cost from $150 with transport and meal included.
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